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Prayer.Global seeks to encourage extraordinary prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission using technology.

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Historic Moment

We know three things about our moment in history:

(1) Never before in history have we been able to coordinate global prayer for the kingdom IN REALTIME!

(2) God has used technology for the advance of His kingdom (i.e. written language, Roman roads, printing presses, etc.), and is now using the internet.

(3) "Extraordinary prayer" is a foundational mark of all modern disciple multiplying movements.

So, Prayer.Global exists to encourage extraordinary prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission using technology.

Click on "Start Praying".

Use the demographics, guided prayers, faith status, images, and maps to pray for the location for one minute.

Once the one-minute timer has ended, you will be asked if you prayed for this location, if you click "Yes", then your prayer will be added to the community prayer coverage for the world.

Pray for another location or end your prayer session.

Inspired by the Moravians, who prayed non-stop for 100 years, we have crafted this website to help the church pray for the entire world in measurable units, as a community, and to know at the end when we have finished ... and are ready to start another lap.

Once every location in the world has been prayed for (we finish a lap), then the prayer map resets, and we try to pray over the world again ... maybe faster.

The Moravians had one person praying every hour of every day for 100 years. This was roughly 876,000 hours of prayer, or 52,560,000 minutes of prayer for the world. We are humbled by this extraordinary commitment to praying for the world.

Current Map

The current map shows what has been covered so far in the active prayer map.

Race Map

The Race map shows the number of laps, number of minutes, and number of prayer warriors for the entire challenge.

Race List

The Race List shows each of the laps accomplished so far and some of the statistics for those individual laps.

Moravian Prayer Challenge

Prayer for the World
24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
100 years
52.56 million minutes of prayer

Who are the Moravians?
What is the Moravian Prayer Challenge?
How are we going to accept the challenge?
Watch this video.

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Prayer.Global loves God, loves people, and helps Christians fulfill the Great Commission by mobilizing prayer.


Prayer.Global strives to neither under- nor over-estimate man’s role in disciple multiplication movements. God declared prayer as the vehicle for seeking and receiving his kingdom.


Prayer.Global welcomes prayer collaboration from all followers of Jesus.

Kingdom Focused

Prayer.Global recognizes there are many good things to pray for, but our purpose is to pray for the kingdom to come and the gospel to reach every place in the world. Gospel poverty is the great poverty and injustice of our generation.


Prayer.Global promotes strategic prayer for movement, knowing that ( based upon research ) extraordinary prayer is found at the root of all modern movements.


Prayer.Global seeks to guide prayer warriors to the bible as the source for knowing God's heart and modeling for how to pray.


Prayer.Global asks everyone to not only pray but also to mobilize prayer through relationships and opportunities God provides.


Prayer.Global will never ask for money. This tool is free to the church.

Not Political

Prayer.Global is not a political agenda, rather an effort to pray for the kingdom of God to come in every place for every people. This is the only kingdom in which we have hope for the salvation of mankind.