Prayer.Global seeks to encourage extraordinary prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission using technology.

Historic Moment

We know three things about our moment in history:

(1) Never before in history have we been able to coordinate global prayer for the kingdom IN REALTIME!

(2) God has used technology for the advance of His kingdom (i.e. written language, Roman roads, printing presses, etc.), and is now using the Internet.

(3) Extraordinary prayer is a foundational mark of all modern disciple multiplying movements.

How It Works

1. Click on Start Praying.

2. Pray over the location provided using the maps, photos, prayers, people group info, and facts.

3. Pray for one minute (or longer) as the Spirit leads.

4. When the timer finishes
Click Done to see your impact on the map or click Next to pray for another location

Global Race

Keys To The Race

Prayer Lap

A Prayer Lap consists of covering all 4770 geographical states of the world in prayer.

Race Map

The Race map shows the number of laps, number of minutes, and number of prayer intercessors for the entire challenge.

Race List

The Race List shows each of the laps accomplished so far and some of the statistics for those individual laps.

Current Lap

The Current Lap in the real time prayer coverage of the 4770 states of the world.

Current Map

The current map shows what has been covered so far in the active prayer map.

Prayer Fuel

Demographics, scripture, faith status, images and maps to help guide your prayer time.

Faith Status

Know Jesus

Know About Jesus

Don't Know Jesus


Prayer Challenge

Inspired by the Moravians, who prayed non-stop for 100 years, we have crafted this website to help the church pray for the entire world in measurable units, as a community, and to know at the end when we have finished ... and are ready to start another lap.

Once every location in the world has been prayed for (we finish a lap), then the prayer map resets, and we try to pray over the world again ... maybe faster.

The Moravians had one person praying every hour of every day for 100 years. This was roughly 876,000 hours of prayer, or 52,560,000 minutes of prayer for the world. We are humbled by this extraordinary commitment to praying for the world.